A final excerpt from Knockout Networking for Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers!

Over the past 12 weeks (yes, for 12 Rounds!), I have shared my favorite ideas about how to generate more prospects, more referrals, and more business.

How many have you implemented?

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Create and Implement your Elevator Speech

I hate the phrases elevator speech or elevator pitch. Why? Because those phrases suggest that you must memorize a “speech” or deliver a “pitch” to describe what you do, how you deliver value, and why you are awesome.

If your elevator speech seems canned and packaged, it will come across as canned and packaged. Once that happens, you won’t buy into what you’re saying, and you’ll stop saying it.

Here’s the truth. Nobody wants to listen to a memorized speech or be pitched by a financial advisor.

That said, if you’re a financial advisor, broker, planner, agent, associate, rep, or any kind of sales producer, you need to be able to discuss what you do in an attractive way while making a connection.

Enter the PEEC Statement! I’ve been discussing PEEC for many years and have watched countless sales producers and even job searchers make more connections, generate more business, and land more jobs using this strategy.

I believe if you have the right mindset (networking) and use the PEEC Statement while going to the right places, saying the right things, and speaking with the right people, you have a Knock Out strategy for generating more referrals.

But you must do a lot of things right.

The PEEC Statement is my version of the elevator speech. Here’s how it goes!

Profession – what you do and who you help.

Expertise – the 3 areas of your business that you know best.

Environments – your target market in terms of industry or profession.

Call to Action – your ask from a networking standpoint, not sales.

Here’s an example!

I’m a financial advisor with ABC Financial Group focused on helping small businesses with their financial management. My expertise is in the areas of investment strategies, succession planning, and with various insurance products. Most of my work is focused on small businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industries with companies like XYZ Manufacturing. I’m always looking to meet compliance attorneys and CPAs that focus in the manufacturing and distribution space. Any advice on how to meet those types of attorneys and CPAs would be great!

See how focused this strategy is? This approach positions you as a bit of an expert in this particular niche and helps you determine where to go, what to say, and who to meet.

Did you notice that the Call to Action was focused on connecting with potential Centers of Influence, not potential prospects?

Also, your target market should not change given the scenario. The scenario should be driven by the target market. Think marketing plan. You wouldn’t change your marketing plan every time you attend an online meeting.

Give your positioning some thought and create your PEEC Statement.

Remember, the PEEC Statement, should drive all of your networking (online and “live”) activities including your work on LinkedIn and many of your conversations with prospects and clients.

The key is to stay focused and consistent while working your Fight Plan!

Image by Daniel Nettesheim from Pixabay
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